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Cookie policy

Once a cookie is installed on your computer the website can recognise you as a returning visitor. Cookies can be used for many purposes, including auto-filling forms, analysis of site performance, remembering items in a shopping basket, personalising content, providing member only access and targeting advertising. First party cookies contain the domain name of the website you are visiting. Third party cookies contain the domain name of a different website. The domain name indicates who owns the cookie. Session cookies are deleted from the browser when the browser is closed. Persistent cookies are only deleted by the browser once they reach their expiration date.

Recent changes to the law require all websites to obtain users’ consent to the use of cookies

The Institute and Faculty of Actuaries is working to understand and comply with the Privacy and Electronic Communications (EC Directive) (Amendment) Regulations which became effective in UK law on 26 May 2012. This law was introduced to ensure website owners obtain consent before collecting data about users’ online behaviour. Following advice from the Information Commissioner's Office we have:

  • audited the cookies used by our website
  • assessed the cookies for their intrusiveness
  • included cookie consent in our ongoing web development

The legislation can be viewed at:


The use of cookies on this website has been audited

After auditing the cookies used on the Institute and Faculty of Actuaries believes that the cookies used on this website are not intrusive. The cookies used by this site are solely intended to improve its performance. Cookies used on this website are:

  • tracking cookies for Google Analytics (first party)
  • social sharing cookies to enable site users to share pages from our website (third party)
  • a session cookie to enable our members to login and access member-only content (first party)

Google Analytics cookies are used to collect data about how the website is used. Google Analytics does cross reference data with your IP address. The data collected by Google is aggregated data e.g. volume of traffic to a specific page. This data is reviewed to help us assess and improve the site’s performance. cookies enable users to share pages from this site via social networks. By clicking an Addthis link a cookie is set from the Addthis domain name. When members of the Institute and Faculty of Actuaries log in, a session cookie is used to grant access to member-only content and services. Without the session cookie members would have to login at every attempt to access member-only content. We consider this session cookie to be essential for the delivery of member services on the website.


Listing of the cookies used on this website

Google cookies used on

  • _utma - the main Google Analytics cookie. It stores a unique visitor ID, date and time of first visit, date and time of current visit, and total number of visits to the site.
  • _utmb - stores the number of page visits and identifies when a visit has timed out.
  • _utmc - a session cookie used to register that a visit has ended when the browser is closed.
  • _utmv - enables a website to segment visitor data.
  • _utmz - stores information about the traffic source. cookies used on

  • atuvc - records how often a page has been shared by Addthis.
  • psc - displays count information to the user.
  • uid - uniquely assigned machine-generated user ID.
  • uit - tracks time of login.
  • uvc - controls the share count the visitor sees.

The session cookie used on

  • SESS4c8ad2599ca72a533603a335bf67470e


Additional resources to help you manage your cookies

You can set your browser to accept, reject or prompt you to decide to accept or reject a cookie every time a website attempts to place one on your browser. Cookies can also be deleted from your browser.

Visit for more information about controlling cookies

Find out more about controlling cookies

Find out more about deleting cookies

Visit Google for more information about Google Analytics cookies

Download the Google Analytics Opt-out Browser Add-on (BETA) 

You can also use Chrome browser's cookie control function to monitor the cookies set by the websites you visit. In Chrome browser click on the icon beside the website domain name to access the cookie drop down.


We welcome your questions and comments about our cookies

If you would like to discuss any aspect of our cookie use please email