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Call for speakers

Would you like to share your expertise or research with your peers and colleagues by speaking at an Institute and Faculty of Actuaries (IFoA) conference or event?

Speaking at our events and conferences provides an opportunity to share your expertise and contribute to the development of actuarial science. By speaking you will provide CPD opportunities for IFoA members. As a speaker you will also enjoy networking opportunities and additional benefits.

We deliver a wide variety of events throughout the year for which we select speakers

Alongside our six residential conferences we hold business skills seminars (masterclasses), sessional meetings, networking events, and one day seminars/workshops. We welcome proposals from members and non-members on technical and business skill subjects.

How to submit your proposal to speak at a conference or event or suggest a topic for a presentation

We issue calls for speakers for our conferences and events throughout the year. As part of your submission we request the following:

  • 75 word summary which must include an outline of the technical level of knowledge required to understand the topic and the practice area(s)/theme that the topic falls within
  • format of your session i.e. presentation, debate, panel session, round table discussion
  • company and contact details (of all speakers involved).

If you want to nominate a speaker or topic, but do not want speak yourself, we are also keen to hear from you.

Please note that by submitting an application you are agreeing to allow your name and contact details to be passed onto the organisation committee who may contact you regarding your submission.

We can be contacted on the below details for any additional information 

If you want to respond to our call for speakers please take a look at the current list below:

10th General Insurance Conference 2018

31 May - 1 June, Singapore

The Singapore Actuarial Society General Insurance Committee is working towards its 10th General Insurance Conference.

We invite you to participate in the upcoming conference by submitting a paper, please refer to the attached for more details.

In addition, there are a number of working parties commencing soon. Some of these will work towards a presentation at the conference, others will work on longer term objectives. A summary and contact details on each are also included in the attached. Should you wish to chair another working party and would like help in broadcasting it to attract others to help you, please let Matthew know directly.

2018 Call for Papers - The Next 10 Years ...


Pensions Conference 2018 (Spring/Summer)

4 -5 June, Birmingham

Welcome and thank you for your interest in speaking at the IFoA Pensions Conference 2018.

The committee are looking for dynamic and entertaining speakers with thought-provoking discussion and debate.

On this form, you will be asked to:
- submit a title of your talk
- 100 word description
- level of your talk
- the primary topic of your session
- contact details and names of all speakers.
- if it is a working party submission.

In response to your submission, applicants should note the following:

1. Priority will be given to submissions which demonstrate that delegates will gain skills or information with practical application aimed at the appropriate level.

2. In submitting a proposal you are committing to meeting the IFoA's deadlines, including:
- Submission of speaker names, workshop description and title prior to marketing of the Conference (mid-March 2018)
- Submission of workshop presentation 4 weeks prior to the Conference 
- Peer review where required

We are particularly looking for speakers to volunteer to present on the following topics and related areas of particular interest:

Primary topics for submissions can include:

- Transparency Forum
- White Paper
- Defined Ambition and CDC
- Derisking/End Game
- Scheme Funding and IRM
- Discount Rates an Alternative Approach
- Mature Schemes Working Party
- Big Data
- CM2017 & Recent Mortality Trends
- Member Options
- Pensions and the Law - Legal Issues - especially relevant case studies
- Corporate Accounting (anything new)
- Multi- employer Schemes
- Pensions Freedoms/transfers from DB Schemes

To submit your abstract please click here. Closing date for submissions: 20 March 2018 


Risk and Investment one day Conference

27-28 June 2018, The Grand Hotel, Brighton

The Risk and Investment Conference is scheduled to take place on the 27-28 June at the Grand Hotel, Brighton. 

Would you like to share your expertise or research with your peers and colleagues by speaking at an Institute and Faculty of Actuaries (IFoA) next Risk and Investment Conference?  We are looking for dynamic and entertaining speakers with thought-provoking discussion and debate.

If you want to nominate a speaker or topic, but do not want speak yourself, we are also keen to hear from you..

Primary topics for submissions can include:

  • Block chain technology
  • Insurtech 
  • Integrated onset liability framework
  • Cashflow driven investment strategy 
  • Social responsible investing
  • Alternative investments 
    • equity release structures
  • Cyber risk, conduct risk, operational risk
  • Data, big data, GDPR
  • Contigency planning

Please submit your abstract here. Closing date: 20 March.



Call for One Day Seminars for General Insurance

The General Insurance Education and Continuing Professional Development (GI ECPD) Committee are preparing the next round of GI One Day Seminars. These aim to increase awareness and encourage discussion on a variety of topical issues and the latest research. 

The pricing, reserving and capital modelling seminars focus on these specific areas, while CIGI has a broader programme aimed at nearly qualified to experienced actuaries working in any area of general insurance.  

We would like to hear from you if you are keen to share your knowledge and expertise.

Please click on the event you would like to submit a proposal for. If you would like to be considered for more than one seminar, please note this in the comments section – there is no need to submit more than one proposal. 

*         Current Issues in General Insurance (CIGI) - 17 May 2018 (closing date: 17 February)

*         Pricing Seminar - 5 June 2018 (closing date: 5 March)

*         Reserving Seminar - 20 June 2018 (closing date: 20 March)

*         Capital Modelling Seminar - January 2019  (closing date: October 2018)

2018 Asian Actuarial Conference, Hong Kong, 16-19 September 2018

The Actuarial Society of Hong Kong (ASHK) is proud to host the 2018 Asian Actuarial Conference (AAC), themed “Redefining the New Insurance World”, which will take place from 16 to 19 September 2018 at the Kerry Hotel in Hong Kong. The Programme Committee is starting the search for speakers to present at this prodigious event. Would you like to be part of the programme?

Key Topics and Submission Process
The entire conference will take place over 2 ½ days and the sessions are tentatively planned as follows:

  • 1 key note speaker
  • 3 plenary sessions
  • 36 parallel sessions of 45 minutes each (including Q&A)

The Programme Committee has identified the following core disciplines of topics.

  1. Life insurance
  2. Property & casualty (i.e. Non-life or general insurance)
  3. Health insurance
  4. Pension, employee benefits and social security
  5. Reinsurance
  6. Risk, capital and value
  7. Innovations (e.g. in terms of products, markets, customers and distribution)
  8. Data, analytics, model applications and technology
  9. Regulating insurance industry (e.g. international accounting and solvency standards development)
  10. Future of the actuary
  11. Environmental, climatic changes
  12. Professionalism, ethics & values

These topics have been designed to encourage and inspire contributions; the Programme Committee has chosen not to provide a more detailed list of specific topics as we do not wish to narrow the scope of the Conference. The programme will be shaped by attendees, for attendees.

Speakers who are interested to give a presentation at the 2018 AAC shall make their submissions in English (including biography, outlines and presentation slides/paper) via online submission tool by 31st March 2018. Only selected speakers will be notified in April 2018.

NUS Risk Management Institute (RMI) would like to invite submissions for its Twelfth Annual Risk Management Conference on 26 July 2018

The scientific programme will follow the format of an academic conference. It will consist of submitted papers on the theme of financial risk management, to be reviewed and selected by an international panel of experts. Submitted papers must represent original and unpublished research. Concurrent sessions will be devoted to the dissemination of scientific findings. Suggested topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

  • Impact of regulation on financial markets and practice
  • Understanding and modelling systemic risk
  • Corporate risk management theory and practice
  • Operational, market, and credit risks modelling
  • Liquidity risks and their implications
  • Risk management issues in derivatives, structured products and alternative investments
  • Optimization and computational tools for risk management
  • Statistical and econometric techniques for financial problems

The scientific program will also feature one or two invited plenary talks.

Participants who wish to present are welcome to submit their papers for consideration. The deadline for submission is 30 April 2018.

For more details on the call for papers please refer to the attachment and visit us at for more information on the conference.

SCOR Actuarial Award in Asia – 2018
All accepted full length papers will be eligible for consideration for the “SCOR Actuarial Award in Asia – 2018” of US$5,000, proudly sponsored by SCOR Group. The winner will be selected using criteria that include the command of actuarial concepts, the quality of the analysis instruments used, the clarity and the insightfulness in communication as well as the potential practical application of the topic in the insurance world. The winner will be announced during the closing ceremony of 2018 AAC.

To ensure the AAC provides a first-class experience for attendees, we are looking for dynamic and entertaining speakers to generate thought provoking discussion and debate!

GIRO 2018, 23-26 October

Welcome! Thank you for your interest in presenting a session at GIRO 2018.

The conference is taking place on 23-26 October 2018 at the ICC in Birmingham. The GIRO committee is looking for session proposals that offer some or all of the following, and the committee will be actively selecting proposals which clearly demonstrate consideration of the points below:

  • New and relevant subject matter
  • New speakers within the GI industry
  • Stronger technical content
  • Practical experiences and/or case studies
  • Active engagement from the audience vs. purely a presentation from the speakers with Q&A
  • Working party findings to update on and/or to help progress research
  • Contributions from industry practitioners outside the pure actuarial roles (e.g. joint presentations with underwriters/brokers/claims managers etc.)

All proposals will be considered by the GIRO committee and applicants will be contacted in due course.

On this form, you will be asked to:

- Submit a title of your talk

- 100 word description

- Level of your talk

- The primary topic of your session

- Contact details and names of all speakers

- If it is a Working Party submission.

Applicants should note the following:

Priority will be given to submissions which clearly demonstrate aspects of the criteria above and which can clearly explain in their proposal what the delegates will take away from the session.

In submitting a proposal for GIRO you are committing to meeting the submission deadlines set by the Institute and Faculty of Actuaries, including:

  • Submission of speaker names (up to 2 co-speakers), description and title prior to marketing of the conference
  • Submission of presentation 6 weeks prior to the conference.

Presentations should steer away from promotion of services/products/companies. Consultancies are encouraged to present alongside a client to provide a balanced view.

All workshop speakers will be supported by a shadow from the GIRO committee, if you are a first time speaker the committee will give you the support you may need. The role of the shadow is to discuss proposals before confirming a slot at the conference. Once a slot is confirmed the shadow will ensure the session achieves its aims and indeed keeps to its description. This will involve reviewing presentation slides between the submission deadline and the conference itself, providing feedback in good time to allow any material to be revised, should this be appropriate.

Please note that by submitting an application you are agreeing to allow your name and contact details to be passed onto the conference committee who may contact you regarding your submission.

Submit your proposal here.

Closing Date: Friday 6 April 


Life Conference 2018

Wednesday 21 – Friday 23 November, ACC Liverpool

The organising committee are starting the search for speakers to present at the Life Conference 2018.  Would you like to be part of this renowned conference?

If you would like to propose a workshop session for this year’s Conference, we want to hear from you. 

This year the programme committee is looking for session proposals that offer:

  • Relevant insights or new thinking to help actuaries in their diverse and challenging roles
  • Different perspectives – the conference couldn’t exist without life insurance actuaries, but we’d also welcome contributions from:
    • Professionals, especially those who work with the life industry in the following areas: marketing, legal, accounting, underwriting, distribution, medicine, risk and compliance.
    • Presenters who are able to bring an international perspective to the conference
    • Contributors from more than one firm, e.g. a consultant and a life office actuary or project team; we especially welcome case studies/surveys or practical examples.
  • Presentations from working parties where there has been new or further developed research.

We are looking for a wide range of dynamic and entertaining speakers to generate thought-provoking discussion and debate.

We have received feedback from delegates at previous conferences that the sessions need to be targeted at the appropriate level so please consider this when choosing a level.

The workshop sessions will be 50 minutes long and should include at least 10 minutes for questions and answers – so please take this into consideration when planning your presentation.

Please click here to submit your session proposal by 24 April.

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